Last night, Lil Yachty swung by Open Late to chop it up with host Peter Rosenberg. After claiming responsibility for making Everyday Struggle "hot," Yachty proceeds to open up about his decision to pursue a more rap-focused route on Lil Boat 2. "I read a lot of feedback, a lot of constructive feedback on my last album, and they said I wasn't rapping enough." Rosenberg claims that Yachty actually rapped "too much" on the sequel. The epitome of mixed signals. Yachty admits that he still feels the need to "prove shit to people," which may have explained his recent "rapping better than 75 percent" of the new rappers. 

At around 19 minutes in, the conversation goes left when Yachty lets out an unapologetic fart. "I told them before I was going to let that shit out," he laughs, as he mimes a slow, odor induced death. "I had an M&M Mcflurry and some pepperoni pizza," says Yachty, as Rosenberg attempts to steer the discussion back on track. He eventually asks about Bhad Bhabie, who recently landed a Billboard award nomination alongside Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. As expected, Yachty continues to ride for the homie, describing her as a kindred spirit of sorts.

"It's like me, nobody ever liked me except for my fanbase," says Yachty. "People hated on me, and she's a good person. She's a kid...she just want money, and she figured out how to make it." Rosenberg seems unconvinced, asking whether her "existence" has a negative impact on hip-hop. "I wish they embraced it, cause it makes our genre look good," responds Yachty. "Cause we doing numbers...The music is getting acknowledged, it's getting nominations!"

For more from Lil Boat, peep his entire interview below.