One of the questions of 2017 is whether Lil Yachty can top the incredible success he enjoyed in 2016. This year may yield his debut album. He revealed the title of the album in his new MTV cover story. It's called Teenage Emotions, and it's "well on its way to completion."

“My fans are so loyal and dedicated that I don’t care that much about winning people over, but I know it’s gonna change and people will eventually give my shit a chance, bro,” Yachty said in the interview. “That’s why I’m working so hard on this album, not to please other people but I’m just really trying, bro, to show people that like, I’m not just fucking bad!”

Yachty released his debut mixtape Lil Boat last March and followed it four months later with Summer Songs 2. We will keep you posted as he continues to toil away on Teenage Emotions.