Lil Yachty has apparently grown used to the hate, and in a recent run-in with the folks at TMZ, the young rapper made it clear that Shia LaBeouf's disses don't affect him negatively at all. Apparently, Lil Yachty thinks Shia LaBeouf's rap efforts are a bit of a joke, and that the "Even Stevens" star should "stick to acting."

Yachty's not planning on responding on wax. Here's what he had to say about that: "He’s not important enough, not for me ... I’m gonna tell it like this it was a joke to me. It’s all a joke. I feel like he’s way too serious.”

Do you think Yachty is ducking beef out of fear? Or does the red-beaded rapper have a point?

Check out the full video of Yachty's response below.