Yesterday, Anderson .Paak sent out a tweet that some felt was directed at Lil Yachty. "Don't be cocky in the fact that you don't know anything about hip hop history," wrote the Malibu singer and producer. "Real artists are students of the game first." The tweet arrives shortly after Yachty made headlines by admitting in an interview that he couldn't name five songs by either The Notorious B.I.G. or Tupac Shakur. 

Yachty heard about Paak's words that could be in response to his proclaimed ignorance of Biggie and Pac. He first responded by quoting the tweet in question and adding the chin-scratch emoji. He then felt the need to vent further. "I think it's funny how people feel like you HAVE to like something just cause everybody else does," he wrote. He went on to reject the notion that one must be familiar with the traditional hip-hop canon in order to rap or make music that might fall under the hip-hop umbrella. 

Perhaps unrelated, he then dropped a lyric from Chance the Rapper's "Lost." Yachty guested on the Coloring Book song "Mixtape," and Chance has said that Yachty's verse is his favorite on the album.