The last we really heard from Lil Yachty was when he dropped off a pretty funny video mocking Soulja Boy's infamous rant about Tyga, and how his comeback was way more profitable than the "Dip" rapper. "Tyga!? N***a, Tyga?? You n***as talkin' 'bout Tyga?" Yachty said in the clip. Do note that Lil Yachty has previously called Soulja one of his influencers but the viral video was just too good not to mock. 

The "Get Dripped" rapper has now come through with another Instagram post but this time he's just dropping off some thoughtful words for his followers. "Make Sure Your Mental Health Is In A Good State. Make Sure Your Peers Mental Health Is In A Good State. You Never Know What Someone Could Be Going Thru," he captioned a photo of himself showing off some impressive bling.

"My mother always taught me a lot of important life lessons and she would always tell me how important it was to tip," Yachty previously told Billboard about his large tipping practices. 

"We didn't have much money, so we would tip what we could. Now, it's at the point I'm financially stable. When I'm out eating, I hope I have the cash, but  if I write it on the receipt, I'll leave a big tip. What's big to them is probably small to me. It doesn't hurt to leave 100 dollars or 150 dollars extra. Because I would do that at the strip club, where I'm gonna be throwing money."