Lil Yachty has become somewhat of a scapegoat for rap traditionalists when it comes to the new generation's perceived lack of substance or technical ability. Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex has also historically been very vocal about questioning rappers' "pen" game, whether it's Drake's use of collaborative writers or the "mumble rappers" he so despises. 

Last week, Flex took aim at Lil Yachty on his show. The radio host once again used the dismissive term "mumble rapper" to describe the young Atlanta emcee, and suggested that he'd never have the "bars" of his guest, battle rapper Murda Mook. He also claimed "mumble rap" would be on its way out in 2017.

Lil Yachty has now responded to the criticism on Instagram. Yachty posted the clip of Flex passionately dissing him on the radio with the caption "bro dis shit so funny." Flex responded on his own account, hurling more insults at the rapper, and suggesting he battle Murda Mook. 

From there, the two went back and forth in the comment section. After expressing that Flex may be taking this all a bit too seriously, Yachty explained he and Mook are in completely different lanes of rap. "I'm sure Murda Mook would kill me in a rap battle," he admitted, "but ask him to see me in streams/sales/ or on the charts. It's easy to write a verse but how easy is it to make a stamp on the culture?"

"You black and I'm black," he continued. "I'm younger than you and I'm out here hustling, making a name for myself, feeding my family, promoting positivity and having fun and u upset because you don't like my music lmao because I don't have enough bars. I bet u haven't even listen[ed] to my tape." 

Check out the full exchange below, in which Yachty ends up offering to "spit some shit" on Flex's show. Think it'll happen?