Lil Yachty has previewed a new song on Instagram. As he's been known to do, Yachty played some unreleased in his car, giving fans a taste of a melodic new track. View it below.

It's unclear if Yachty is working on a new project at the moment. Earlier this year, he put out Lil Boat 2, a project that found him edging closer to the roots of his sound after experimenting on debut album Teenage Emotions. There have been rumors of many collaborative projects involving the rapper over the last few months, including a full tape with Takeoff of Migos, a project with Lil Pump, and an album featuring himself, Gucci Mane and Migos called Glacier Boyz.

According to a recent interview with Yachty, the Glacier Boyz tape is in something of a purgatory. “We had hella songs, but some of them just wasn’t up to par,” he said. Considering the Migos hot streak, it was decided that the material simply wasn't good enough to release. “They had just dropped Culture II, I didn’t want to put no crap out.”

In other words, it's difficult to say where this new track may end up, but it seems that Yachty will not be slowing down on recording anytime soon. Read our review of Lil Boat 2 here.