It must be beefing season. With DC4 finally arriving yesterday, the hip-hop world was reminded of Meek Mill's ongoing beef with Drake, who, also yesterday, received a threatening tweet from Kid Cudi. Responding to Drake dissing him on "Two Birds One Stone," Cudi told the OVO boss to come see him once he gets out of rehab. That same tweet inspired Lupe Fiasco, an old foe of Cudi's, to clown him for beefing while attempting to rehabilitate. And it didn't end there. Late last night, a feud commenced between Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy, whom Boat has idolized for much of his career. 

The beef started over a model named India Love. Soulja began posting photos of himself and Love on his Instagram, professing his love for her in the process. That prompted Lil Yachty, who claims to be dating the same woman, to text message Soulja about the IG posts. Soulja took a screenshot of the convo, which he posted to IG, and went on to call Yachty a "groupie." Soulja went continued to stir up the beef on social media, while Yachty stayed calm, simply tweeting, "fuckin wit da boat you gone sink. Period." 

Now Yachty has clapped back at Soulja Boy in a big way. Earlier today, while performing at the Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio, TX, Yachty performed a high-energy Soulja Boy diss track. He gets the crowd chanting "fuck Soulja Boy," and hits him with bars like, "Fuckin' on yo bitch, I know that you mad / It's Lil Boat bitch, I'm so glad." The freestyle looks to be something that Boat cooked up on the spot, so it's unknown if he's putting this song out. Even so, the raps are now being used as ammo, so things could get interesting. Watch the rowdy performance below. 

Footage has also surfaced of Yachty vehemently shit-talking Soulja Boy.

It has now been confirmed, via DJ Akademiks, that Yachty wore a shirt to today's performance that reads "Pray 4 Soulja" on the front and "R.I.P. 2007-2016".

And here's a backstage video of Yachty eating pizza and counting his show money, offering some remarks on his opponent's behavior. "I guess when you washed up, you getta go to desperate measures. I will never know what that's like."