Not long ago, Lil Yachtyteased Lil Boat 2, a sequel to the project that made him a household name in the hip-hop community. Eclectic and quite odd (in a positive way), Yachty is surely trying to give his supporters a worthy follow-up to the first tape in what may become a rap music franchise. Shortly thereafter, he shared a video clip on Twitter that featured Lil Pump in a studio space with him, previewing a collaboration that hasn't hit the masses yet, in terms of being available on a digital platform. Based on the snippet, the bass looms large on this upcoming track, with Yachty's deep voice floating over the beat in his trademark airy style. Now, fans who were craving to get a long taste of this track got just that during a recent concert, where the Boaty took the stage to perform the song live for the first time ever.

In a clip that has been shared across several social media platforms, Lil Yachty is seen vibing hard to his new collaboration that will boast the Lil Pump assist. Yachty brought an abundance of energy for this part of his set, bouncing around the stage and chanting the song's refrain, throwing the contents of his water bottle into the crowd for effect. Also worth noting is the fact that there's a couch sitting a little right of center on the stage, which begs the question: why does Lil Yachty have large pieces of furniture up there with him? Is he planning on having some people over later? Is there a Madden tournament about to break out on someone's Xbox? Does he often feel the need to rap his songs live while reclining in a living room setting? We may never know the entire story behind this mystery.

Back to the track, which could be yet another boost to Lil Pump's growing popularity in the rap scene. He previously shared the cover art for his upcoming tape, appropriately titled Lil Pump Tape, and revealed that the project will be dropping later this week on October 6th. Check out his promo tweet for the upcoming release below.