When Chief Keef proclaimed that they truly "Love Sosa," he wasn't lying. The Chicago rapper has become somewhat of an influential figure, especially among the younger generation of rap stars. The crazy thing, however, is Sosa's own age. Consider that the man has only turned twenty-three today. It certainly feels like he's been in the game for an eternity, especially given the prolific nature of his discography. Though not everyone has grown accustomed to Keef's musical stylings, it's clear that he has a loyal fan in Lil Boat. 

Taking to Twitter, Yachty voiced his opinions on Keef's impact, while wishing the rapper a happy birthday with a heartfelt message. "It’s crazy dis man chief keef is only 23 cus I been lookin up to him since hiskool," writes Yachty, "we only a year apart wtf dis n*** a goat hbd sosa." It really puts Keef's grind in perspective, and one has to wonder how he'll be remembered in the next five years. Hell, artists have retired after shorter careers. 

In the mean time, let us enjoy Keef's bonafide classics and reflect on the impact he's had on the rap game.