Are you an aspiring rapper looking to get a big break and do a record with Lil Yacty? Well here’s your chance. The ATL rapper has partnered with AXE body spray and are launching a new program with SoundCloud and hitmaker Zaytoven to record a song with a contest winner. The contest will allow up-and-coming rappers and producers to work with both artists on SoundCloud.

The first phase of the contest, which runs from October 1st to October 28th, gives users a chance to submit their best lyrics. Using the commenting feature on SoundCloud, they’ll share their lyrics for the hook of Lil Yachty’s latest track, “Anarchy.”  The winner will receive a co-writing credit on the track.

In the second phase, which runs from October 29th to November 16th, Zaytoven will share two instrumental tracks – “Gold” and “Phoenix.”  Aspiring rappers will submit their flow over either track.  Producers will use the associated beat and stem packs to create new tracks.  Zaytoven, along with ‘music industry insiders,’ will select two rappers and seven producers to appear on a featured playlist.  Winners will receive a production credit on the final collaboration with Zaytoven.

“This AXE The Label program is very exciting, because I came up on Soundcloud, and it’s important to help emerging artists get noticed. Earlier this year, I was part of AXE’s Gold campaign too, so it’s great getting to spotlight some new talent with my AXE fam,” Lil YAchty said.

“It will be unlike anything my fans have heard before since it will include some lyrics written by an up and coming artist, so anyone can get involved.

Peep Yachty’s IG post (below) and read more on the details right here if interested.