Before he teamed up with Valee and dropped off the new song “Wombo" Monday night, Lil Yachty decide to hold a special memorial for XXXTentacion at Centennial Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Yachty announced the candle lit service on Twitter Sunday night, tweeting “Tomorrow the 25th XXX candle lighting in Centennial Park @ 845. Atlanta retweet this. Need all @xxxtentacion fans to come out 2 pay respk." Having pushed it back to 9 after a slight rain issue, Yachty and the memorial went on, and hundreds of fans came out to pay their respect to the late Florida rapper.

In similar fashion as LA & Florida’s services, the event saw tons of fans all singing along & wildin’ out to X’s songs and people lighting candles. Yachty went on to give a speech to the fans as well, saying “I ant y'all remember to one thing, I need ya niggas to be safe that’s whats the most important man. I need y'all to watch out for each and make smart decisions. Make smart conscious decisions.”

“Anybody who know me who know my music then they know I’ve been preaching positivity. And thats what I’ma do, I’ma hold that legacy for X and gon’ keep promoting this positivity,” Yachty said to the fans. “All that hate, all that envy, all that bullshit. We gotta leave that shit in the past. Life is too short,” added, before later talking about gun control and other things.

Check out the fan-captured footage of the memorial (below). RIP X.