Lil Yachty is flyer than your average. If his hair isn't enough to prove that to you, then his nautical outfits definitely place him in a lane different than many other rappers. Announcing that his next single is coming out this week (!!!) Yachty looked poised to tear up the charts and likely the golf course with this outfit. 

Pairing his Maison Margiela sneakers with a whole lot of nautical stripes, Lil Yachty either looks like he's ready to go sailing or hit the golf course for a relaxing Fourth of July round of a few holes. Although Yachty probably did neither of those two things, one aspect of his fit stood out in the photo: his hat. Boat chose to complement his red locks with a Tiffany blue cap, matching his Mercedes G Wagon perfectly. Posing quickly for a photo with his whip, many commenters were quick to compliment his fashion choices, comparing him to his character in the upcoming Teen Titans GO! movie.

Yachty has been pegged to feature on TM88's new project, teaming up with Valee on a track. The young star was recently the victim of a Twitter hack where the hackers threatened to leak his DM's with underage girls and his unreleased music.