Random people get stopped all of the time because they resemble celebrities, but some like to take advantage of their doppelganger looks. The Instagram page "@cryinglaughingyt" is run by alleged college students who upload random images and clips, hoping that their comedy will gain them internet fame. Recently, Lil Yachty made an appearance at their school, so they thought this was the perfect opportunity to prank their fellow classmates.

"So Lil Yachty was supposed to perform at our school so we got a fake Lil Yachty And was walking around trolling people," they wrote in a caption. "He SEEN us, f*cked with us THEN LET US ON STAGE. BEST DAY EVER. @lilyachty full YT video coming soon." In the video clips, one person was the fake Yachty while the other played cameraman. Fake Yachty walked around the campus with a handful of security guards, and by all accounts, he looked like the real Yachty.

They even arrived to the performance site and were able to make their way backstage because the real security team couldn't tell the difference. However, they were confronted by the real Lil Yachty who acted as if he was upset at first, but in the end, he thought the prank was hilarious. He let the college students join him onstage and even allowed his doppelganger to be his hypeman.