The Atlanta rapper said he permed his trademark red braids to celebrate recording a new album. 

“See this right here? The James Brown look, you know?,” he says of his red bouffant. “I’m working on my album. This look means seriousness. This hair do means hits."

Lil Yachty got off tour on Dec. 18. By the looks of it, he headed straight to the studio. In November, he had announced in an interview that he and his team were "just gonna lock in and just start completely fresh. So there’s no songs: we’re really just gonna make it in three or four weeks.”

In the Instagram Live video, he also took the opportunity to call out one of a Hot 97 detractor.

"And to Funkmaster Flex this means a lot of mumble rap.”

A few days ago, Flex went on air to take shots at several rappers including Yachty.

[via XXL]