While the song is not as fresh in our minds as it was when it released last year, "MotorSport" was one of the stand-outs from Migos' Culture II album. Loaded with plenty of talent, all three members of the group rhyme over their separate sections, along with guest spots for Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Recently, there has been some controversy about Nicki's verse being scrutinized and changed by Quavo, with Cardi B commenting on the issue as well. With the track back in the news, Lil Yachty took it upon himself to lure the conversation to the most underrated member of the Migos: Takeoff.

While Quavo and Offset are universally appreciated for their contributions to Migos, Takeoff has been slept on for most of his career. Working closely with the trio as part of Quality Control, Lil Yachty crowned Takeoff as the champion of "MotorSport," putting the Nicki vs. Cardi argument to rest. Boat tweeted, "It might be a little late for this... but take off had the best verse on Motorsport.." Although possibly an unpopular opinion given both Nicki and Cardi's great performances on the track, many will agree that Takeoff did his thing over Murda Beatz and Cubeatz's production, giving all the more reason for people to start putting more respect on his name.

As you've no doubt heard the track at this point, who do you think had the best verse on "MotorSport?" Was it one of Cardi or Nicki or did the trio outshine them?