The beef between Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy has intensified extremely quickly. In a new interview with Uforia, Yachty provided some context with regard to the onset of the beef, explaining how he watched one of his idols suddenly become a rival. Though Yachty says he isn't consumed by the beef and that he doesn't "wish bad luck on him," he confirms his intent to "slap the shit out of him" if he and Soulja Boy find themselves in the same room. 

As detailed by Boat in the new interview, it all started when Soulja Boy posted a slew of IG pictures of himself and model India Love that made it seem like the two of them were an item. Love was apparently with Yachty at the time, and she expressed to him how offended she was by seeing herself all over Soulja's IG. "I don't beef over females, bruh," says Boat, going on to explain that he, on Love's behalf, nicely asked Soulja to take down the photos. "That was me texting him as a friend," he maintains. 

Soulja Boy didn't see the text as being friendly, though, as he posted a screenshot of the convo on IG and proceeded to insult Yachty extensively, thus jump-starting the beef. 

The "Minnesota" rapper isn't shy about being a longtime fan of Soulja's, though he affirms that, in this day and age, "Me and him not even on the same level." "That was my idol," says Yachty without hesitation, "And ya idols become ya rivals." 

Soulja Boy knows Yachty has long looked up to him, and he has used that fact as ammo in the current beef. But Yachty isn't miffed by such a tactic. "I been told everyone that Soulja Boy's my idol," he explains, "and he's tryna use it like 'I'm a groupie' thing, and I was just a fan." 

"Don't nobody talk about that n*gga," says Yachty toward the end of the interview, telling his former idol that he just lost one of the few fans who was still rocking with him.

The beef commenced late Friday night, and Yachty dropped a diss freestyle during a festival performance the next day. Soulja has announced plans to drop a full Lil Boat diss track tonight. Others have also gotten involved, such as 808 Mafia boss Southside, who defended Yachty and then went after Soulja viciously after the "Crank Dat" rapper taunted him with gunplay.