Rolling Loud is typically an eventful time, regardless of where it is. This weekend, the Miami-based festival opened up shop in Los Angeles, bringing headlining acts like Chance The Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, A$AP Rocky and more to the West Coast. While it was great for festivalgoers, things got heated backstage. Footage of Lil Yachty's crew getting into a physical altercation with an unknown man surfaced online earlier today.

The video shows Yachty's crew first yelling at a man before "jumping" him but the rapper hit the 'Gram to clear the air.  He said that the video that surfaced is only showing one side of what actually went down. He went onto break down the events leading to the alleged assault, claiming the man shoved his way through Yachty's friend group only to push the rapper. On top of that, Yachty said the man was being blatantly disrespectful even after the rapper's team told the man to say "excuse me," all while yelling and screaming.

"It doesn't show any of that and I don't appreciate that. I think that's kind of corny. It makes it look like we ust picking on him," Yachty said of the footage. "I'm not a problematic person. I don't just pick fights with people."