Lil Yachty and Lil Pump didn't necessarily shock people when they announced a joint mixtape together but it did build excitement. They've collaborated in the past and have built a genuine relationship that seems to go past music. While their project seems to be aimed for an early 2018 release, Yachty decided to share a little preview of what might end up on the collabo joint.

On an Twitch livestream, Yachty decided to debut a new track with his fans. "I'm about to play y'all a song right now called "Baby Daddy." It's fire. It's me and Lil Pump. This is exclusive. This might be off our new tape, it might be off Lil Boat 2. I don't even know yet," he said before he played the track. "Baby Daddy" was produced by 30 Roc of Ear Drummer's crew and the song consists of Yachty and Pump explaining exactly why they're a level up from the baby daddies of the women they're interested in.  

"Tell your baby daddy, I'm richer/ Bitch I don't want to sip liquor/ Stop trying to pressure my niggas/ Just left the club, that shit was weak/ Grab me a hoe off the street/ Wait til I leave, I finna fuck/ Beat it til I fall asleep," Yachty raps at the top of the song.

Lil Pump comes in for the second verse on the track and Yachty gets hella excited once Pump's verse comes in. From what you could hear, it's an interesting contrast between the two. Yachty comes on the track a lot more mellow and laidback. Meanwhile, Pump comes through and delivers high energy with his verse. 

Yachty has already previewed music in the past but this is the closest thing to a high quality snippet we've got so far. 

Both artists have had a pretty major year so far. With Yachty releasing his debut album Teenage Emotions back in May and Lil Pump dropping his self-titled debut project at the top of October, both teenage phenomenons are gearing up to impact the game further with their upcoming collaborative tape.

Check the track out below: