With his instantly recognizable baritone delivery and his indefatigably sunny demeanor, Lil Yachty is definitely one of the most unique voices working in the rap world today. His proper full-length debut, Teenage Emotions, was somewhat of a split decision between critics and audiences, but the general consensus was that the project a little bloated and repetitive. Now, Yachty is close to dropping his next album and, as he stated on an Instagram Live session, he's already completed work on it.

As you can see below, the Boaty one stated that his upcoming project is "done," although there's no word on whether some final tweaks to the mixing or mastering are needed before the project drops online and in stores. As we've reported previouslyLil Boat 2 is a release that has been in the works for some time. Quality Control's Coach K said that the project was going to drop in December, but that release date was pushed back because Yachty supposedly wanted to make sure the collection of songs sounded their best. 

While no hard date has been confirmed by the young rapper or anyone who is part of his team over at QC, there's the sense that this album might be just days away from reaching the public. For fans of Lil Yachty, who have had to settle for his feature work for the better part of eight months, should be ecstatic at the news that this upcoming project is done. Only time will tell if it will be another shot at mainstream recognition for the Boaty one, or if he'll be going back to his idiosyncratic roots and providing another set of unique tracks for listeners to sink their teeth into.