Lil Yachty's particular brand of music and style has often rubbed people the wrong way. Monday on Complex News, temper flared when Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks sat down to analyze Yachty's album cover for his debut Teenage Emotions. The "Pump It Up" rapper called Lil Yachty a "troll."

"I don't think that Yachty is hip-hop," Budden said. "I don't think that Yachty's label is hip-hop. When you're not hip-hop and you're trying to just troll or exploit, you get things like this album cover."

Budden then suggested that Yachty was gay or at least gay-friendly -- two men kiss on the cover on Teenage Emotions. He said the ATL rapper was ruining hip hop and "should not be accepted [...] in this culture." He also called Capitol Records "bum ass." Though DJ Akademiks was quick to dispel the notion that Yachty was gay, Budden persisted, saying he "looked a little fruity."

He claimed Yachty was catering to the gay market and added that the style worked well for Lil B a few years back when he put out I'm Gay.

Well, King Boat clapped right back at Budden on social media, referencing Lil B's harsh 2010 diss track "T-Shirts and Buddens." It prompted Budden to throw one more jab at the younger emcee. 

On his podcast Tuesday, Budden apologized to Yachty fans, perhaps putting a quick end to the beef. For now.