Lil Yachty's Summer Songs 2 is part of the new wave of left-field rap that drives hip-hop purists like Ebro Darden crazy, but while 90% of the project shows no concern with pleasing Ebro or his traditionally-minded peers, there is one track that was written specifically for his ears.

"For Hot 97" is a track designed to showcase Yachty's rhymes in a more traditional fashion, and of course, Egbro had an opinion on the record today, but he wasn't exactly impressed, dismissing the song as "highschool" rap. It seemed as though (whether he admitted it or not), Ebro did take some personal offense to the record, and later in the day, Yachty actually called in to set him straight, and of course, defend his bars. 

"I had to call you because I wanted to talk to you," he said. "I did the song... to show that I can fucking rap... I think you got offended for the wrong idea... I didn't catch feelings... It was to show what's good... That shit is hard, I don't care if you 69 bro! You acting like the old man in the barber shop that's always there."

While Ebro replied that he was going to keep "testing" these "high school-ass rappers," Rosenberg insisted that Darden respects the fact that Yachty made the call.

"I see you putting in work.. You still got a little more work to do"," said Ebro, to which Yachty signed off, "I ain't gonna lie, it's all love."

Watch it all go down below.