Lil Yachty has had an enormously successful year so far when it comes to the financial windfall he's received from his music-related ventures. His album Teenage Emotions has helped him solidify and grow a rabid fan base, which has translated into a slew of high-profile feature spots and sold-out concert dates across the country. With his sudden rise to fame comes his completion of a generous gift-giving tradition that has been going on for decades in the hip-hop world. He copped his mom a new crib.

Sharing the moment on Instagram for the world to see, the Boaty one posted a text he received from his mother after she found out she'd be the owner of a new house, completely paid for by her son. There are few prouder moments in a parent's life, and Yachty's mom was not shy about expressing her elation at the gift he'd given her. "You did it!!!!" she began. "You bought yo mama a house today for real!!!!!! I am so grateful  to you for everything you have done for me!!!! Words can not explain how warm my heart is today!!!! You have blessed me beyond measures!!!" She continued showing her son love via text, attaching a picture of the keys to the house in a separate message below. "I love you so much!!!! [...] Im so humble God picked me to be your Mom!!!!!"

“Made it out my momma crib, then bought my moms a crib,” read the caption from Yachty, whose positive attitude, even in the face of harsh criticism for the quality of his music in some circles, makes it impossible not to bask in this happy moment along with him. Things are looking up where the rapper's musical returns are concerned as well. Yesterday, Lil Boat shared a snippet from an unreleased collaboration he has cooked up with fellow teen rap sensation Lil Pump. There's no word on when it will drop nor what we can expect from it lyrically, but he dropped a hint that the song might be part of a sequel to his Lil Boat mixtape, the work that helped him launch his career. No matter what direction he goes in next, you can be sure that Momma Boat will be proud.