By now, everyone's familiar with the red dreads and gold teeth that make up Lil Yachty's recognizable look. The self-proclaimed king-of-teens has been steady establishing himself as one of hip-hop's biggest young names, with his meme-spawning appearance on Everyday Struggle and laid-back, unapologetic charisma. When Charlamagne Tha God once referred to him as "the poster-child of wack rappers," Lil Yachty clapped back by saying he was the father figure to an entire generation of youthful up-and-comers, a fact with which Tha God could not dispute.

Still, despite the rise of Yachty thanks to his somewhat eponymous (and critically acclaimed) album Lil Boat, his major label debut Teenage Emotions was received with lukewarm reactions; many felt as if the album found Yachty stretched too thin, dabbling too heavily on experimentation rather than playing to his strengths. Even Yachty seemed to feel some type of way about the project, lamenting the disappointing sales in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Now that Teenage Emotions has come and gone, King Boat has once again set his sight on the waters ahead. Yachty recently uploaded a clip on his IG page, which previewed a new Charlie Shuffler produced banger. "N*ggas hate on me because I look the way I do," raps Yachty on the wavy banger, "hatin' on a n*gga ain't gon make a better you." The clip is captioned with the teaser "Lil Boat 2 Otw..."

While sequels seem to be all the rage these days, it's no surprise that Yachty decided to revisit his most popular album. From the sound of it, he seems to have eased back into the Lil Boat sound, which should please fans of the mixtape. While there's no concrete release date, Yachty has made it clear that it's on the way, and should presumably feature the song from the teaser.