Excited about the upcoming release of his debut album, Lil Yachty passed by Snoop Dogg's GGN show to give us an inside scoop on Teenage Emotions

"Capturing all aspects of it [...] teenagers what they go through [...] turnt, heartbreak, happiness, sadness. It's not a one lane album. It's all over the place," King Boat said.

The two rappers talked about coming to grips with the ups and downs of acquiring fame at 19 years old. He also explained how he became the new creative designer at Nautica.

"When I started all of this I knew it was all about branding," Yachty said. "My name was Lil Yachty, I knew Nautica. No one was wearing Nautica anymore. It was kinda like for older gentlemen but I knew old Nautica from like the 80s and 90s was like pop colors."

The rapper said he did research, shopped at thrift stores and started wearing vintage items of the colorful brand that fit so well with his sound. He said he did it "to get Nautica's attention."

"So I kept tagging them on Instagram," he said despite his manager saying that they were too big to notice him. "They followed me on Twitter and they was watching me. And then they DM'ed me, they wanted to meet."