Lil Yachty & Lovele$$ Air Out Ice Cream Paint Jobs In "No Regrets"

Devin Ch
May 23, 2018 17:52

Lovele$$ drops the video for "No Regrets" with a scorching summer in mind.

Lovele$$ and Lil Yachty take their show to the hot pavement in their video for "No Regrets." The refrigerated goodness of ice cream is a good metaphor for the "work" they aim to flood the streets with. Lovele$$ may lose points for not driving the metaphor home. "Back it up" sounds like "Bag it up" at first listen, and subsequent listens provide a fairly broad image of the two rappers using the trucks as a front to pick up women.

Lovele$$ mentioned in a press release, "I was just tryna show the world what Gucci and Versace ice cream look like." That's as far as his vision went for the video single. The video work on "No Regrets" is never the less spot-on, with images of the Yachty and Lovele$$ standing atop their respective trucks seem to me a feat to accomplish. The video arrives two months after the initial song release, and it isn't their first on record. In 2016, Lovele$$ and Lil Yachty co-created "Kiss the Money," what some consider a song of worship.

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