After performing "Broccoli" minus D.R.A.M. at a show at SXSW, Lil Yachty got upset when a fan told him he had "no energy." The ATL rapper and his crew started arguing with the audience member.

In a video recording of the event, King Boat seemed nervous about the crowd's lack of response.

"Damn that shit was so crazy," Yachty said. "That shit sounded like y’all dreaded that shit."

That's when a voice in the attendance yelled out, “You got no energy, nigga,” prompting Lil Yachty's people to douse him with water.

"Yeah, shut yo’ ass up nigga. Suck my dick, how bout that," Yachty then said. Though his team looked like they were about to hop off the stage and throw hands, the rapper settled down and resumed his set soon after the flare up.

Watch the incident in the video below.