Lil Yachty and G Herbo both came through with projects on Friday and it's safe to say that fans were both excited and satisfied. Yachty came through with his highly-anticipated Lil Boat 3 tape while Herbo dropped the deluxe version of PTSD. There is plenty of music here to dissect and over the last couple of days, fans have been adding their favorite tracks to their respective playlists.

Regardless of how good the music is, sales are always something that is highly debated in the industry. Your first week numbers can give people a glimpse of how well you're doing although there are many factors that go into how many units are sold. Having said that, according to DJ Akademiks, Lil Boat 3 is on track to sell 45K units in the first week while PTSD Deluxe is on pace for 27K units.

We're sure many of you in the comments will be debating whether or not these numbers are a W or an L. With this in mind, first week numbers certainly aren't the be all end all and all that truly matters is whether or not the music is good.

Let us know in the comments below what you thought of these projects.