Some say it popped off over a Pokemon card, as some of the biggest feuds often do. Others speculate that creative differences drove the pair apart. Regardless of the why, something led to a falling out between Lil Yachty and his former collaborator Burberry Perry, also known as TheGoodPerry. In fact, the pair hasn't worked together since Summer Songs 2, which dropped on July 20th, 2016. The project marked Yachty's first release after Lil Boat, the album that helped land him a place in the mainstream spotlight.

However, the falling out led to a complete radio silence that continued into early 2018, at the very least. Sadly, many of Yachty's fans considered his work with Perry to be among his best and openly lamented the pair's split. Given Boat's close relationship with his fanbase, it's likely that he heard Perry questions more often than not. Such was indeed the case during his recent Instagram AMA, which took place two nights ago. This time, however, brought good tidings to those concerned.

Upon being asked whether this truly was the end of Yachty and Good Perry, Boat responded by saying "WE BACK COOL NOW SO U NEVER NO IDK." While that's hardly a confirmation of any music to come, remember that relationships such as this must often be mended through baby steps. Respect to Lil Boat for mending fences.