Lil Xan's been catching a whole lot of L's lately which has ultimately turned into one of the most despised people in the rap game. Xan even threatened to leave Twitter because of the amount of criticism he's faced. However, there's one person who faces as much criticism as he does. That person is Russ. Xan is now looking for Russ' help in the game of public perception.

Lil Xan took to Twitter to encourage Russ to take more L's. The tweet seemed to simultaneously serve as a plea for help and a way to mock the "What They Want" rapper.

"Yesss Russ take more L’s so people forget about my L lol," he wrote on Twitter followed by laughing emotions. 

The tweet was definitely sent in a playful manner. However, the two rappers have been facing a lot of backlash over the months for the things they've said, regardless of what their intentions have been.

It's unsure if Russ will respond but he definitely wouldn't be the first rapper to do so. Chris Webby recently called out Lil Xan for disrespecting 'Pac which led to a back and forth on Twitter. Ultimately, Webby decided to unleash some bars on Xan on his latest song, "Raw Thoughts III." Xan has yet to respond but one thing's certain, he won't be doing so on wax.