By now, most of you are aware of the backlash that Lil Xan has been receiving over the past couple weeks after he said Tupac’s music was “boring.” At the time, Wake Flocka tried publicly “banning” him from hip-hop, to which T.I, agreed with following those comments, but Xan wasn't sweating it. In fact, Xan has used the negative publicity to help draw attention to his upcoming debut album, Total Anarchy, which drops April 6th. And now he’s trying to win back some of those fans who he might’ve disappointed with the Tupac comments, and he’s doing so by retracting his original statement, and calling Tupac a legend now.

On Friday, Lil Xan was saying hi to some fans at his meet-n-greet when he decided to randomly address his Tupac comments in the process, saying the West Coast artist was a “legend” and that the media had twisted his words.

“For real, I gotta tell you something. The media twisted my words. I think Tupac is a legnd. Tupac is definitely a legend.” he said. “Tupac a legend, they just twist your words. They want you to hate me. Don't hate me,” Xan added.

Check out the video footage of the statement (below) and let us know what you think. Do you think he means it or just trying to cover his ass?