Lil Xan is feeling all kinds of "Betrayed" right now and it all started when he had suspicions that his ex-girlfriend Noah Cyrus was cheating on him. Not long after Xan made the assumption on Instagram, Noah followed up with her side of the story explaining a time Xan was posted up with a girl and ended up with hickeys on his neck. "Cheaters like to accuse their partners of cheating to make themselves feel less guilt," she wrote. 

Now another bombshell has come out of their rocky break up after Xan hopped on Instagram Live telling his 4.8 million followers that their relationship was a setup by Columbia Records to boost his popularity. "I thought we were actually dating but I guess not," he says in the video below. "Shout out to Columbia Records for setting up that fake relationship. I didn't want to do it to be completely honest. Noah's very attractive, she's very attractive, very attractive. I just didn't want to do it because it was added work to my schedule. That's the truth, so don't believe all this fake shit that's about to come out."

Noah did an Instagram Live session herself telling her fans how she will remain honest with them as much as she can, but she's very confused herself. "If you're in a relationship, never let a man make you feel like you're less of yourself—or you're the problem—when you were the one that sat around being there for somebody," she said, via E!.