Just a few weeks ago, Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus made their debut as one of the cringiest couples in all of Hollywood. Their displays of public affection even wounded up making Xan into a meme, smushing his face into inanimate objects in elaborate displays of Photoshop prowess. Well, it's looking as though their relationship could be extremely short-lived. The two released a song together recently but that may be the last track they'll make together with Diego revealing his thoughts about their relationship on his Instagram story.

Without much warning, the highly-controversial artist took to his social media to remark his doubts about Noah Cyrus' loyalty to him. The two have only been dating for a few weeks but the leader of Xanarchy believes he's being cheated on, or so he says in a new addition to his story. He aired out his feelings, writing, "I feel like I'm probably being cheated on," before he elaborated, "Bad things always happen to the good guys so ima be an asshole from now on if you ain't gang."

Noah and Xan have been very public about their relationship online, regularly creeping up in each other's comments sections. There has to be a better way of suspecting your partner is cheating on you than to write it for your millions of fans to see but then again, this is coming from the guy who keyed his own Benz during a break-down earlier this year. Hopefully, the two are working things out privately and get back to normal soon.