When Lil Xan announced that he would be naming his next album after the final words Mac Miller told him, he also promised that he would be bringing real rap vibes to the table. The question remains if Xan has what it takes to deliver the bars he's assured us on. In the past, he's released some questionable efforts with many ranking his Total Xanarchy album as one of the worst projects of 2018. Be Safe offers somewhat of a chance for Diego to redeem himself to the fans that have left him over controversies from this year. Thanks to his social media presence, we know now when the artist plans to release the first single from his upcoming body of work.

Lil Xan is promising a lot with his upcoming single, noting that we'll all be able to hear how much he's grown as an artist. He recently spent time in rehab for a drug problem and it's possible that he revamped his sound during his time off. "Watch Me Fall" will be released on December 3. Diego says that the song is a special one for him, noting that he plans to drop a video on the same day.

What are you expecting from the young rapper?