The uncanny resemblance between Lil Xan and Shameless actor Ethan Cutkosky is a joke that seems to have exponential value, depending on how it gets tossed around. The joke hits Xan the hardest when it remarks on his boyish looks in a manner of bringing him down to size, like in the aftermath of his run-in at Del Taco. His insistence that he wasn't afraid of "lil ass Tupac fans" was readily mocked by internet users who pointed out his youthful appearance, even suggesting that his age was a fabrication of sorts. This led to a reemergence of memes highlighting the resemblance Xan and his actor "cousin." Some users have even captioned their concert pics with Xan, as if "Carl Gallagher" were in attendance.

It seems Lil Xan is honored to be associated with his TV doppelganger after all. During his concert in LA last night, he was joined on stage by the Shameless actor for a performance of "The Man." TMZ retrieved footage of the performance, and made a point of editing the video with special indicators for those of us seeing double. The funniest bit about this story is that they appear to be friends in real life.