Lil Xan has met a couple of failures throughout his career. While his popularity and professional achievements are stacking up, the artist's persona is often criticized. It seems like these negative attitudes towards his are seeping into his psyche. While he usually affirms his lack of concern for other people's opinions, Lil Xan has reached a point where he felt the need to express his desire for acceptance.

The rapper posted a text speaking to this issue on his Instagram story.

"You know how bad it sucks to know no one really likes you"

Xan might be speaking to his recent dating experience. He linked up with Noah Cyrus in June, garnering a lot of media attention. The couple dissolved months later as they broke up this past September after the release of their joint track "Live or Die." He claims this relationship was a setup courtesy of their record labels yet he had seemed genuinely hurt by Cyrus' supposed infidelity.

There was also that time he was hospitalized for eating too many flaming hot Cheetos. The absurdity of his medical situation was mocked at length.

Lil Xan may have lost some people's respect before all of this ever happened due to his comments about 2pac. Deeming the legend's music to be "boring" will always earn hate.