Lil Xan has taken to Instagram to announce a new development. He's heading to rehab in three days time. "Rehab in 3 days," he writes, plugging his upcoming single. "I wanna leave my fans with some new music before Be Safe." The news was met with an outpouring of support from his fanbase, with many chiming in to wish Diego the best in his endeavors.  

For all the hard times we may give the young Diego, allow a word of encouragement. Salute to Xan for taking the steps to get his life right, as shaking addiction is no joke, and must be taken seriously. Though his music may not be for everybody, it would be a dark day to lose another rapper to an overdose. Admittedly, it feels in poor taste to retain the moniker "Lil Xan," though a name change to Diego has been long overdue. Hopefully, the rapper can get his head right, and do what he has to do to shake what ails him. 

Best of luck, Diego.