Revolt TV caught up with Lil Xan to have the young rapper rate fellow rap figures on their clout. When asked about Tupac Shakur, Lil Xan AKA Diego gave the legendary rapper a 2 on the clout scale, saying his music was "boring," which upset many people. The comment resulted in Waka Flocka flat out banning him from hip-hop, which Xan has since responded to by saying he's not going anywhere. It was without a doubt bound to happen and, without fail, Charlamagne tha God awarded Lil Xan "Donkey of the Day" on today's episode of The Breakfast Club. 

Charlamagne gave his opinion on Diego's comments, giving context to the situation and saying, "You don't strike me as a thinker, Lil Xan. Most juvenile junkies aren't thinkers and Tupac is for the thinking men." The radio host elaborate, saying that clout is a representation of your influence and Tupac is one of, if not, the most influential rapper of all time. Thus, giving the legend a 2 on the clout scale is unjustified, according to Charlamagne.

The radio host's comments are simply his opinion and, for all intents and purposes, Xan's remarks were as well. However, Charlamagne has a decent point in saying that, in his 22 years of death, Pac is "more famous, more influential and more powerful than [he is] right now, alive." If the definition of clout is to be considered, Tupac has arguably the most clout of any rapper, dead or alive. What is your stance on the current ban on Lil Xan? Are you siding with Waka or Xan?