Love is in the air for a certain Xanarchist. On Friday morning, Lil Xan posted a photo on Instagram of him and his new boo, Gabby Parsons. According to her Instagram bio, she is 22, only a year younger than Xan, and (brace yourself) a self-identified Belieber. She has 14 thousand followers and counting on her account, @gabbytookthese, and appears to be some kind of aspiring influencer or vlogger, as her bio includes a link to her Youtube channel where she posts clickbait-y titles on challenge videos. She also posts "cringe tik toks," in case you were wondering.

Xan looks pretty into his new girlfriend in his post, especially with the accompanying caption, "Te Amoooo ❤️." Xan has previously been involved in relationships with fellow music artist, Noah Cyrus, and Annie Smith, who was reportedly pregnant with his child in February. He recently revealed that he is working on his sobriety after suffering seizures due to withdrawal from opioids. He insists that he is "completely sober now," and, it appears, lucky in love. Gabby posted a story of she and Xan kissing on Thursday, as well, with the caption "thankful for you @xanxiety." The two lovebirds are all over each other in both posts, posing in front of a gorgeous view of a lit-up city.