Mac Miller's passing has affected his loved ones as well as his fans and music industry peers. Lil Xan is one of his contemporaries who has expressed his love for Miller openly. The young rapper even canceled tour dates in order to work on a tribute album to Malcolm. Xan is now opening up about his past and current struggles with addiction.

He first points out how his icon's death was related to his use of fentanyl, the same substance that threatened Demi Lovato's life and claimed Lil Peep's. The former drug dealer explains how he transitioned to selling weed when fentanyl hit the market.

"It's always fentanyl and now they're putting it in cocaine."

"The minute it got to fentanyl, I was like, 'I'm not gonna sell this.' My friends were taking it, and they were puking. I was like 'I can't ... I'm out the game.'"

Lil Xan is still battling with parts of his sobriety, although he is clean from some of his most dangerous vices. From his perspective, rehabilitation from drug abuse "really has to come from within." He also acknowledges that people usually need professional help and support to do so. In his case, secluding himself in the woods away from the world is the chosen route.

"Even My Best Friends don't know where the f*ck I'm at"