Unfortunately for Lil Xan, the comments he made about Tupac during an interview early this year will likely follow him around for the remainder of his music career. Tupac is a legend and, especially in hip-hop, it's important to respect the people who paved the way for you. When he rated Pac's clout as a two out of ten and called his music "boring," many who would have otherwise given him a chance completely shunned him. Some members of the community even "banned" him from the game. For some reason, after working to redeem himself last week, he's going back to the Tupac fiasco and digging himself an even larger hole.

"I did not do anything," said Xan during an Instagram Live session. "After the Tupac shit, y'all literally acted like Tupac was your goddamn granddaddy." The artist acknowledged that Pac is a legend but he went on to defend his controversial comments during the live stream. He continued, "What the fuck? When I said that Tupac shit, y'all acted like you were suckin' on that guy's dick or some shit. What I said is what I said. They cut the interview, but I don't give a fuck."

Whether or not they altered the interview, it's odd to hear him still talking about this months after it happened. He should probably consider letting it go and allowing people time to forget it even happened because if he keeps bringing it up, fans will likely continue to get even angrier. Just a tip.