It would appear that Lil Xan is facing some trouble with the law. Luckily for the rapper, it would appear that the worst case scenario is a mildly expensive fine. According to his own testimony, Xan was blasting music at his Air B&B, only to have a neighbor bring the law arm of the law down upon him. His crime? An abrasively high decibel count. 

Xan took a moment to check in via IG, while a police officer stands above him. Xan asks whether he's being detained, to which the cop appears unwilling to dignify this with an answer. "You're playing loud music," he says. "Let's not make this a big deal." Xan, however, is unwilling to let this one slide.  The rapper took to Instagram to provide his side of the story, which seemed to indicate he was treated unfairly from the jump.

"The only difference is, you have guns, we don't," says Xan, though it's not entirely clear what that has to do with the situation at hand. "Ya'll have the thing to kill me, and we don't." The cop on the scene seems equally confused by Xan's approach. "What does that have to do with anything?" he says, with mild incredulity. Meanwhile, Xan's accomplice sits stonefaced on the lip of the fountain, seemingly contemplating on how his life has led him to this exact moment in time.

Feast your eyes on the debacle below.