Despite having tons of tattoo real estate elsewhere on his body, Lil Xan continues to fill up his face in what appears to be a "tat-off" with Post Malone. Who will end their career with more ink on their face? We'll find out in a few years but for now, the leader of Xanarchy has just caught up to Posty by adding another design on his visage. 

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Diego is proving to be pretty self-aware. He knows that he has a lot of haters but he's also fully conscious of the fact that he has millions of fans lining up to witness him perform shows on a regular basis. While his music may not appeal to everybody, there is a select niche market that absolutely digs Diego's vibe, looking out for new music all the time. As one of the most tatted young rappers, it can't come as much of a surprise to anybody that Xan somehow found more space on his face to ink up, getting three gnarly-looking scars on his cheek. 

"Everybody's saying 'Oh man, Diego's got an ugly new face tat'," said the rapper. "That's what you all say every time I get a new face tat. Then two weeks later, 'Oh my god, I love Diego's new face tat.'" 

What do you think of the tattoo? Love or hate? Or don't give a f*ck?