Lil Xan was gearing up to hit the road in the coming days, but unfortunately, several of the shows had to be canceled. According to TMZ, the "Betrayed" rapper decided to nix a few of his upcoming performances due to being drained from long nights in the studio.

Lil Xan will be back on the road on November 6th, but the rapper decided to cancel five upcoming shows in Texas and the Midwest. The rapper's been busy working on his forthcoming project, Be Safe which is a tribute to Mac Miller who passed away in September. Xan has reportedly been spending long nights in the studio trying to perfect the project and at this point, he feels burnt out.

As opposed to giving fans a lackluster performance, Xan is planning on getting in some more rest before picking things up in Colorado on November 6th. Xan will be rescheduling the shows that have been canceled, but he's offering refunds to fans who want one.

The title of Xan's new project is inspired by the final words Mac said to Xan when they saw each other last, "Be Safe." Xan recently revealed the cover art for the project which includes a drawing of Mac Miller. Additionally, Xan paid homage to the late rapper by releasing his track, "Worst Day Ever" which is a spin on Mac's 2011 mixtape, Best Day Ever.