Lil Xan revealed he was hospitalized for eating one too many Flamin' Hot Cheetos earlier this week. Thankfully, it wasn't life harming and he's doing alright, but the rapper did end up in an ambulance because of the excessive amount of Cheetos that he ate. The rapper was recently spotted outside of Irving Plaza in NYC and explained exactly how he ended up in the hospital.

Lil Xan broke down the timeline of his Cheeto fiasco to TMZ earlier today. The rapper explained how after eating one bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos while drinking plenty of soda gave him stomach aches for four days before he made the wise decision to eat another bag. That's when everything went downhill.

"It was literally just one bag. Ate it, I was drinking soda. I have a really poor diet," he explained. "For four days, I was feeling really bad, like, just stomach aches. Then I ate another of the chili lemon ones and literally, just -- I vomited a little blood."

Xan explained that the doctors found a rip in his stomach after they did an ultrasound on his before he admitted to them that it was caused by Cheetos. Xan also confirmed that he didn't do any drugs or drink and his hospitalization was simply caused by the Cheetos. 

Despite the recent health scare due to the chip, he admitted that he wasn't ready to give them up just yet. He even ate one on camera, even though he admitted that his stomach still hurts.