Today can potentially be a huge day for Lil Wayne fans. The artist has been held back for so long and now that he's finally free from his Cash Money lawsuit, he can release Tha Carter V whenever he wants. Earlier today, the artist announced that he's making an announcement at 5 PM and we're really hoping that it has to do with the upcoming album. Even if it isn't, we can still say that we've gotten some news about the album as Nivea just confirmed that C5 is scheduled to have a song that features herself and Drake.

The "Don't Mess With My Man" singer was a guest on The M+M+M Show where she spoke about a lot but one of the most newsworthy moments was when she revealed she's on her ex-fiancé's upcoming album. When the host brought up Carter V, Nivea exclaimed, "Oh yeah, I'm on there!" The tracklist that was seemingly confirmed by Cool & Dre did not include a Nivea feature so it's possible that she was taken off or that it's not actually the official list. She continued, "He put Drake on the song that he and I did. We did it a while ago." Apparently, Wayne told her that it made the cut for the album. 

A song called "Believe Me" is rumored to be on the project with Drake and it's possible that this is what she was referring to. There's currently a lot of confusion surrounding the project. Release dates, tracklists and featured artists are all subject to change, it seems. Perhaps all this will be cleared up later today.