This week, Lil Wayneannounced some big news about his upcoming summer tour, sharing that he would be hitting the road with Blink-182. The eclectic mix has piqued fans' interest, hoping for a memorable show come July and August. Many believe that the rapper has started to tease a new album, which we seriously hope is on the way. Although Funeral still hasn't officially been announced, something may be eating up at Weezy's brain space because it was just reported that his former lawyer, Ronald Sweeney, filed a lawsuit against Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant, two men that are very close to the artist.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Sweeney claims to have worked for Lil Wayne for fourteen years, making ten percent of the deals he helped facilitate. He believes that his legal deals helped Wayne gain millions of dollars and when he was "induced to terminate" his contract, he thinks that Wayne was fed misinformation by Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant. In court documents, Sweeney reportedly states, "Lil Wayne was induced to terminate his relationship with Sweeney based on false and misleading allegations by Mack and Cortez, both childhood friends of Lil Wayne. Mack and Cortez falsely told Lil Wayne, among other things, that Sweeney was improperly collecting fees to which he was not entitled and that the 10% fee Sweeney charged was exorbitant and against Lil Wayne’s best interests."

Sweeney is accusing Bryant and Maine of a conspiracy, trying to convince Wayne to fire him so they could make more profit for themselves. Their goal was allegedly to get him "out of the picture" entirely. 

Mack Maine, Cortez Bryant and Lil Wayne go way back so it would make sense for him to take their word on these sorts of things. We'll see how this plays out.

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