Tis baby-having season? It feels as though we've been flooded with pregnancy reports as of late-- of course, we're talking Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, but Macklemore's also thrown his hat in the ring, announcing a second baby is on the way, and now, Toya Wright, famously known as Lil Wayne's ex, has confirmed that she is indeed with child.

Rumors of Toya Wright's pregnancy first started to surface last week, but the 33-year old has since confirmed them herself, by way of an mini-Instagram movie. This is a clearly-staged video, that also doubles up as a trailer and teaser for Toya Wright's upcoming book release.

Toya Wright, who is also a reality TV star in her own right, sits down with a doctor and her daughter Reginae Carter, as the two field questions about the going-ons in their lives-- when asked about any "teen pregnancy," Reginae proceeds to point the finger at her mama-- Toya then unveils a baby bump, proving she's already pretty far along. Check out the full Instagram clip below.


As the video ends, we get a glimpse at Toya and her daughter's upcoming book, You Just Don't Get It, which is due out on October 26th. This a very well-timed (planned or othwerise) pregnancy, as it'll definitely help boost the amount of eyes on her book-- or at least awareness for it (we're you aware before this??). 

This will be Toya Wright's second child, Reginae being her current one and only, at 18-years old. Although Toya and Weezy F split in 2006, after being married for two years, they've continued to stay on amicable terms and co-parent Reginae together. You'll recall, when Toya Wright's brothers were murdered last year, Lil Wayne rushed to her side.

As for who the baby daddy is of child number two, we don't know just yet. Toya did re-marry, to a producer by the name of Memphitz in 2011, but the two later divorced in 2015.

Rumors are alleging that the father of the child is sports manager Robert "Red" Rushing. We'll keep you posted if that gets verified.