Lil Wayne's been in a legal battle with his former lawyer in the tune of $20M. The rapper sued his former lawyer on allegations that he was being overcharged for the services. Although his ex-lawyer, Ronald Sweeney, tried to argue Wayne's claims, he's now back in court in an attempt to get the lawsuit dismissed. 

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Ronald Sweeney returned to court today demanding that the rapper's lawsuit against him gets thrown out. Wayne previously accused Sweeney screwing up deals for him, as well as taking a higher commission than the industry standard. He also accused Sweeney of practicing law with a suspended law license. Wayne also accused him of committing fraud. Sweeney argued Wayne's claim, saying it wouldn't have affected the rapper at all if his license was suspended in one state. “Rather, Sweeney successfully represented Carter for more than 13 years," it states in the legal documents.

Apparently, Sweeney is blaming this whole thing on Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant. Sweeney said that the lawsuit is a “campaign by Carter’s other advisors to avoid” paying him. He claims that Wayne fired him on allegations made by Maine and Bryant that Sweeney was skimming money from Weezy. In fact, Sweeney said that he was the one protecting Wayne in the midst of the whole Cash Money legal battle.