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Lil Wayne's "Dedication 6" Mixtape Is Here

Lil Wayne - Dedication 6

  Dec 25, 2017 13:55
Merry Christmas! Listen to Lil Wayne's highly anticipated mixtape "Dedication 6."

As expected, Lil Wayne comes through with Dedication 6 to help celebrate Christmas. The road to D6 has been a long one, and Weezy has amped up our excitement over the past week with the release of a D6 clothing capsule, two leaks off the tape (Euro-featured "Blackin Out" and a "Bank Account" freestyle), as well as the tracklist reveal on Christmas Eve-- not to mention the report that there will apparently be two different versions of Dedication 6. We'll have to wait and see what comes of that-- it basically sounds like we may get another dose of songs very shortly after this.

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For now, check out the tracklist below, stream the mixtape, and let us know if it lives up to your expectations.

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top comment
- Dec 25, 2017

This shit is fire af, man 20 years in and still killin everyone beats. GOAT

- Jan 10, 2018

Love that video and song date dedicated to his father gone to soon sad

- Dec 31, 2017

Best mixtape I’ve heard in the last few years. The “goat” still got it!! Every song has its own uniqueness. Weezy still got it 💯

major payne
- Dec 30, 2017


- Jan 8, 2018

- fake blood kys nigga wayne the GOAT

- Dec 30, 2017


fila nike
- Dec 30, 2017

Damn it even beat Super Slimey within a few days.. No one does it like Wayne

- Dec 29, 2017

Whats good about this?? He’s hopping on Mainstream beats and everything sounds average. People talking bout this is a Classic foh Bring back old Weezy

- Jan 1, 2018

Its just a mixtape bruh shiiiiiilll. where blunt attt? damn.

HNHH MemberBerries
- Jan 5, 2018

how old are you? this is what mixtapes use to be

- Dec 29, 2017

Classic Weezy back at it

Donald Trump
- Dec 29, 2017

This is over rated

- Jan 2, 2018

Metaphors and similes was too much for you, huh?

Donald Trump
- Jan 5, 2018

@operez512 : old beats was my problem

Rochely Vasquez
- Dec 28, 2017

Lil wayne the GOAT of mixtapes hands down... he got over 100,000 views on hnhh and no one for the past two months even came close except chris brown who got 90,000

Daner McCullough
- Dec 27, 2017

this is my opinion but i think this is the second best project he's ever put out lyricall every (first is FWA) don't get it twisted tho i got every wayne tape/albm don't @ me

Daner McCullough
- Dec 27, 2017

i feel like you guys just say shit like that because we grew up on those classics, but music changes and he's definitely spitting some of his best bars ever here, ooo and once he drops an album its gonna be so hard be game over

- Dec 28, 2017

@Daner McCullough : He deff cleaned up his delivery and his bars are more complexed and layer but back then he had that killer charisma, now he knows how to manage his charisma cuz it burns him. Back then he spazzed on everything he touched

Vic Vinegar
- Dec 28, 2017

@Daner McCullough : completely agree. He's getting better and better lyrically with every project he drops.

- Dec 28, 2017

@FBGM_Kah : Well he still spazzes on everything he touches

- Dec 29, 2017

The Carter 1. Lights out. Carter 2. And the drought is over.

- Dec 27, 2017

Gotta be hounest. this mixtape is the best project from lil wayne since dedication 3. On the discussion between Eminem en Wayne. yeah Eminem is still the GOAt. But as a true em stan fan... wayne takes the win this year with this mixtape. so yeah.. great mixtape!

- Dec 28, 2017

Revival was trash if we're being honest. Wayne always was & will be the GOAT 🔥!

- Jan 2, 2018

You clearly have never heard No Ceilings

Bo Vice
- Dec 27, 2017

As much as I love Wayne I can't say that this is "fire". It's alright. Dudes gotta lay off the drugs, he sounds like every other mumbling lean sippin' jackass in the game.

Ezekiel Elliott
- Jan 2, 2018

No, ur fucking retarded

Lil Wayne raps for white teenagers. He'll never have a 4:44 because he's still immature musically. FWA was his best project since No Ceilings.

- Dec 28, 2017

Shut up

Carlito' Way
- Dec 28, 2017

go listen to common or john legend u ho ass nigga

Q Mateen
- Dec 29, 2017

U sound like ah hating bitch

- Dec 31, 2017

He is 13 years younger than J. Hes rapper about everything possible in a 20 year career and hes only 35. You judge him because he has fun rapping? smh not all rap is serious most of the serious niggas are garbage because they try too hard. Weezy is the goat because he does this effortlessly

Your Average White Guy
- Dec 27, 2017

wow. what an epic track. Blackin out is straight flames!

- Dec 27, 2017


- Dec 27, 2017

Glad you said it

Dimitar Chapkanov
- Dec 27, 2017

and people saying lil pump is the GOAT smh

Ash Ketchum
- Dec 27, 2017

Literally no one is saying that wtf..

Vitaly Orlov
- Dec 26, 2017

This shit is terrible. No more hunger. No heart. Wack. Very disappointed.

- Dec 26, 2017

Weezy F Baby and the F ain't for flaw

- Dec 28, 2017

But it is for phenomenal

- Dec 26, 2017

Zoey ATE

Stevica Ristic
- Dec 26, 2017


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